Megly McMcerson, Freelance Obstetrician



Jenny: I swear to you that this baby is totally falling out of me.

Me: It always feels like that the last couple of weeks. It’s normal.

Jenny: (sideways glance) How much money would I have to pay you to look and make sure there isn’t a hand or something hanging out?

Me: Oh, dude, I’d totally do that for free…but I want a favor.

Jenny: You just want permission to put this on your blog, don’t you?

Me: (Smiling)

Jenny: (Lifting dress) I liked you so much more before you started fucking writing again.

2 thoughts on “Megly McMcerson, Freelance Obstetrician

    • I would be willing to argue that “awkward circumstances” are payment enough. I could also go for broke and add GYN to the OB, so I don’t discriminate against non-gestating women with fluctuating boundary issues and low standards for personal decision making, when it comes to their health care. lol

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