Justifiable Who-i-cide.



In a text conversation with my teenaged daughter, from the other room…while she watches Dr. Who on Netflix.

C: Ugh, that moment when Dr. Who is saving a group of people, and there is a smart*** in the group and you’re waiting for them to die, cuz you know they’re gonna go first…


C: You better watch yourself smart***, you’ve made four remarks…if you make five, you’re dead.  Them’s the rules.

Me: There is something wrong with you, but I love you.

C: I know, Love you, too.  HE MADE FIVE!  HE’S GONNA DIE!

Me: Aren’t you tired, yet?

C: No.  SEVEN!  He’s made seven comments, and he’s not dead yet! NOOOO!  They killed the sweet guy instead, what are they doing!  Don’t they know how this works!?  He better have a horrible death, or Imma be pissed!

Me: I suggest that you write a strongly worded letter.

C: Oh…I will, and it will involve clever word play, so the message REALLY gets across.  I’m not having this.

Me: What season is this episode?

C: Second.

Me: And what season is that show currently on?

C: Oh…yeah…I see what you did there.  Damn it.

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