Weasels with good P.R.



(To clarify, Liam and Xavier are my 10-year-old twins, and Caolinn is my 13-year-old daughter.)

Caolinn: “Since I have my own room, can I have a pet?”

Me: “You have a dog.”

Caolinn: “I know, but can’t I have a hamster?”

Me: “We are NOT bringing rodents into the house.”

Liam: “How about a ferret?  Ferrets aren’t rodents.”

Me: “Yes, they are…they’re really long ones.  And I agree that ferrets are adorable and charming, but they also smell really bad, and we’re not bringing in a weasel with scent glands.”

Liam: “I share a room with Xavier, and you think that I’m worried about how things smell!?”

3 thoughts on “Weasels with good P.R.

  1. Ha! My friend just told me a story about how her mother wouldn’t let her have a “real” pet so she got a hamster, which was mean and smelly. As soon as she turned 18 and moved out, she got a cat. I had a gerbil when I was a kid and he was mean too. Your kids are lucky to have a dog. 🙂

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