Sex toys on a budget…why pay full price!?



Okay, Grouponers, the discount adult toys are on sale again.  (Buzzies on the cheap!) This time, I’m NOT going to judge you for getting your rocks off, on the cheap.  I am however going to judge the living crap out of you for using a “personal massager” so frequently that you require a rechargeable.  Jesus.  If the battery purchases for your big-girl toys are breaking your bank…it’s time to re-evaluate.  Also, I dispute the “Human Touch” label on this thing.  If human men could touch this way, we’d completely stop bitching about…well…everything.

2 thoughts on “Sex toys on a budget…why pay full price!?

    • Seriously, and the electric used on that thing has to be significantly cheaper than the cost of feeding him.

      Seriously, Groupon…no on needs their neck massaged that badly, we know it’s crotch specific.

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