My dog sucks at physics.


Here’s the thing…my dog is a smooth motherfucker.  From the time he was rescued as a puppy, he has been as close to perfect an animal as you get.  It has taken little to no effort to get him potty trained, crate trained, command trained, and he even goes leash-free when we feel like it, because he’s that badass.  Aside from a rather rampant obsession with tissues, and who doesn’t love a good used tissue, he chews on nothing.  When he has to puke, he even deliberately runs and does it on the tile, so he doesn’t mess up the carpet.  Seriously…best dog ever.

The one thing…the ONE THING that I need this dog to learn is that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so if anyone knows a good physicist/dog trainer, please drop me a line, so my daughter can ride to the dog park without looking like this.


Pauli Principle? Whaaaaa?

2 thoughts on “My dog sucks at physics.

  1. Hah, I think most dogs aren’t good at physics. Mine would crawl into my chest cavity if she could.

    I do, however, use a harness in the car that uses the car seat anchors to keep her in one place. So, the seats suffer a little less!

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